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Clearly Beautiful Collagen Masks

Did you know Clearly Beautiful® Collagen Masks are being used after cosmetic procedures with dramatic results?

The Clearly Beautiful Facial Mask can speed up the healing process and minimizing the pain that can occur with this treatment.

The Clearly Beautiful Collagen Face Mask will immediately transform your skin. The 100% all natural ingredients work in harmony with the masks collagen delivery system, to bring your skin back to its optimally hydrated best. The pure plant collagen mask actually aids in your skins ability to absorb the super nourishing ingredients the mask is bathed in.

“Clearly Beautiful masks are a key part of our resurfacing post care. We have found that they greatly improve patient comfort and their experience, and that by using them both immediately post-treatment, as well as throughout the healing process, their downtime is decreased, making them more likely to undergo more laser procedures in the future and recommend us to their friends.”

-Rebecca Gelber, Tahoe Medical Spa

“We expect Clearly Beautiful masks to become a regular and essential part of our post-procedure skin care for our patients.”

-Patrick Bitter, Jr., MD, Fellow American Academy of Dermatology


The Ingredients of the Clearly Beautiful® Line Our unique combination of all natural ingredients works together to give you the most Clearly Beautiful® skin you have ever had.

PLANT DERIVED COLLAGEN: One of the building blocks necessary for healthy skin. The combination of the Clearly Beautiful® plant collagen mask delivery system and the plant collagen serum in our products is proven to promote new collagen production. Skin will be luminous, clear, toned and hydrated like never before.

HYALURONIC ACID: A natural ingredient found in your skin and joints. HA is a “super hydrator” for the skin. It targets deep wrinkles, increases firmness and elasticity, while also boosting collagen and elastin production.

PEPTIDES: Aid in softening and smoothing wrinkles, promoting moisture retention, and helping skin recover form sun and environmental damage.

EPIDERMAL GROWTH FACTOR: Facilitates firmness, refines skin texture, and reduces fine lines, as it increases cell regeneration. A wakeup call for your skin cells! Studies show lasting reduction on wrinkles with continued use.

LIVING PLANT DNA: Actually repairs damage to your skin’s DNA from environmental stresses. Helps minimize pore size, smoothes overall complexion, and blemish scars, while combating sun damage. It’s a warrior in the skin rejuvenation battle.

ALGAE: Has remarkable skin lifting properties, soothing and nourishing all skin types with natural seaweed and phytoplankton.

VITAMIN E: A popular and powerful antioxidant, Vitamin E combats free radicals and helps prevent further skin damage. It’s a virtual shield for your skin. For more information please visit


PRP means Platelet Rich Plasma. The Plasma liquid in the blood includes red and white blood cells and platelets. Platelets form 10% of the plasma and in the concept of PRP, the platelet ratio is flipped to 90%. It is given in the form of an injection to patients looking to treat tissue damages, skin issues etc.
A non-surgical therapy in nature, PRP is used for healing in several medicine fields including sports medicines and orthopedics. PRP is nothing but the patient’s own blood which is administered in a way such that the healing components (growth factors) present in the platelets are released, thus fuelling fast recovery.
PRP is majorly useful in cases of soft tissue injuries, including ligament sprains, muscle pulls / tears, tendon tears, tendonitis and tendinosis. It has been an effective way to treat cartilage degeneration like arthritis as well.
With its methodology, PRP is developed to heal the injured region through the initiation of growth factors in your platelets. It is a cure and not just a temporary solution to limit any injury.
In most cases, the procedure can be well tolerated by patients but there may be soreness after the injection as PRP induces


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