Company Info

Physician’s Products specializes in the sales of PRP Kits. Established with an aim to serve the medical industry with our products, we believe in optimum quality.

Since 1999, Physicians Products, Inc. has been working with physicians across the nation to increase their bottom line. Physicians Products, Inc. offers unique, turn-key services to boost your practice and your income. Our services produce new revenue streams that patients are willing to pay out of pocket, and very little extra equipment is needed. We enable physician practices to thrive.

With advances in technology and based on an extensive research, Physician’s Products distribute and market Sterile PRP Separation Kit and PRP Combinations, while also rendering consultancy in terms of their use in treatment and precautions to be taken while using, as part of quality oriented processes.

In terms of safety, quality and hygiene, our products and processes have been approved and given a go ahead by several regulatory authorities in the domain. We thrive on our ability to innovate newer ways to improve the lives of many.


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